Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

What is PlainsongPantry?

What’s all the Fuss About?

PlainsongPantry is an outlet for Local Florida/Worldwide music news, as well as a place for artists and enthusiasts alike to come together to chat, discuss, and plug various types of music and events.

The Goal of PlainsongPantry is to grow and develop local community involvement within the arts and entertainment industry.

Why do this?

  • Here at PlainsongPantry, we believe that music can be used as a tool to help cultivate change and permit a flourishing positive-minded community.
  • The language of music is universal and can be used to bridge the gap that seems to be growing wider everyday within our society.

Looking to get involved?

  • Are you an artist or a band trying to get exposure?
  • Are you a music journalist looking for somewhere to have your work published?
  • Are you a music industry professional looking to make connections within the industry?
  • Would you love to connect with us to talk about possible future opportunities?

If you think any of those things apply to you, feel free to reach out and get involved with us.

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